Kennel Lloer is situated at the country side, app. thirty kilometers south west of Copenhagen.  With only selectively and limited breeding of WSS our aim is; healthy, all round Welsh Springer Spaniels, typical in type and temperament - with good working abilities.

Our interest in the breed is wide, working our dogs is important. We have spend time on most areas of the dog sport: obedience, field work, retrieving, but also at shootings, in the field, at Field Trials and retrieving tests. We  have done a bit agility, and of course showing. Visits to UK, The Netherlands and Sweden,  has given more knowledge on the breed, and given nice friendships across the borders as well.

The breeding started in 2000  The prefix Lloer was added in 2002. Lloer is the welsh word for moon - Luna. The lovely welsh bitch Luna was the foundation bitch of the kennel. Charlotte is educated as a vet.nurse and both Thomas and Charlotte has taken part in the breeder education by Danish Kennel Klub. Our dogs are living with us in the house, they are family members and our hobby.

When we have a litter, the pups are well stimulated and well socialised, they have a puppy yard with  They are used to children and much activity around them. Puppy evaluation, chip, vaccination, and vet. health check is common practice before they are leaving for their new families. Information and advices in a binder follows the puppy, as well as puppyfood, health certificate, DKK-purchasecommitment and DKK-pedigree and a puppy start package.

We are following DKK's and The Spaniel clubs recommendations for breeding.

Once a year we gather the puppies for an afternoon, having coffee, cake and a lot of dogchat, while the dogs plays around. Here everybody got the opportunity to see the puppies development individually and to compare with each other. 

 Mainly we use studs from abroad, because of the limited amount of dogs in Denmark, and the small population of the breed. It is important for the breed in the future to expand the gen-population, and decrease the relationsship between the danish welsh springer spaniels as well.

Temperament and health is highly valued and we have decided that all offspring have to be hip-scored.  18 percent of the Welshies population in Denmark has been hipscored, from our kennel it is 90 percent. We are grateful to our puppy-buyers, only with their help this can be done. Attention on healthmatters is on going, we keeps us updated with the latest news and breed only from sound stock. Despite this we can not give a 100% health quarentee on our offspring, a dog's health status is a correlation between many factors, gens, maturing, enviroment, coincidences etc.

Working ability should also be preserved, we breed from dogs that either have been on shooting or in another way have proved their working skills. Minimum one of the parents must have proven hunting abilities. Not forgetting all our stock has qualitied in the showring, the type and beauty is how we discovered this breed, and this must be kept in accordance to the standard.

Temperament is hereditary, and most important to us is a welsh, who follows the standard as "merry and active". A true welsh is showing joy, is outgoing and very curious, This in hand with health and breed type are the qualities we aim for.

The welshies all-round abilities conbined to a good size and a lovely atitude, makes them invaluable to us and worth to keep as a breed for the future.


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