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Litter 12
Born 14.05.2013 Twinkle Tom Sawyer x Don's Darling Lady Luna
"Big" litter:
                                   Lloer's Big Ben Bounce, Jack
                                   Lloer's Big Dipper, Gustav
                                   Lloer's Big Talk, Charlie
                                   Lloer's Big Picture, Kiwi
                                   Lloer's Big Romance, Chica

Litter 11
Born 19.08.2011      NORDJV08 Twigle 'N Talk x Trigger Longmorn
Simply Red-litter:
Lloer's Mellow My Mind - Duffy, D
Lloer's Simply Red - Bella, A
Lloer's Spirit Of Life - Rose, A
Lloer's New Flame - Chico, A
Lloer's The Right Thing - Louis
Lloer's Thrill Me - Storm, A
Lloer's Turn It Up - Bowie
Lloer's Written In The Stars - Skipper, A
All dogs intact, no umbilical hernia, some dewclaws, normal bites
Litter 10                                                                                                   Born 20.04.2011   SUCH SVCH Don's Flyer x Lloer's Ribbon Of Gold
Lloer’s Easter Lily - Dina, C 
Lloer's Easter Island - Max, A
Lloer’s Easter On Fifth Avenue - Aslan, A, BD-3 RCAC
Lloer’s Easter Parade - Micki, C, BD-2 CAC

Litter 9

Born 22.09.2009                DKUCH Lloer's Don's Jose x Trigger Longmorn


Michael Jackson-litter:
Lloer’s Beat It – Juno, A
Lloer’s Billie Jean – Ronja
Lloer’s Break Of Dawn – Maddie, D, EXC
Lloer’s Dirty Diana - Freja
Lloer’s Moonwalker – Cheko
Lloer’s Smooth Criminal – Taffy, A
Lloer’s Streetwalker – Lucas, A
Lloer’s The King Of Pop – Matti, A,
Lloer’s Thriller – Leonardo, B

Litter 8

Born 13.03.2009    DKUCH Geltman's Guest Of Gold x Lloer's Dark Passion


Lloer's Pocket Full Of Gold - Kenzo, B, BH-2 
Lloer's Tale Of Gold - Sally, B 
Lloer's Heart Of Gold - Molly, A 
Lloer's Touch Of Gold - Mille, B 
Lloer's Ribbon Of Gold - Abby, B >>
Lloer's Maid Of Gold - Donna, A
Litter 7
Born 02.07.2008           Lloer's Fashion By Passion x Trigger Longmorn
Lloer's Rock Me - Cardiff, A
Lloer's The Name Of The Game - Ludvig, A
Lloer's Super Trouper - Balou, A
Lloer's Take A Chance On Me - Emil
Lloer's That's Me - Cody, A
Lloer's Watch Out - Calvin, A uoff.
Lloer's Dancing Queen - Nuka, A
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